Big Russian real fur hat called Papakha is national head-dress of Caucasus. This fur hat is hand made of undyed long haired, curly sheepskin. Super light and soft!
UNISEX. FREE SHIPPING from Russia (track number is available).
We have a sheep farm and use our own sheep skins. All our processes are ancient and authentic; we don’t use any chemicals or devices and we don’t dye furs.
Color is natural white.
You can wear the hat with the side you like. You can see EVERY SIDE on the pictures
Super warm. Deep (it closes ears)
MATERIAL- 100 % Caucasian sheep skin
SIZE- 25.5″ (65cm) around. 4.33″ (11cm) depth.
LINING – black satin stiched with a thin layer of sintepon
For the people of the Caucasus, the papakha hat is a point of pride. It is not to be dropped or lost. It is said that “If the head is intact, a papakha should be on it.” Other popular sayings “If you have no one to consult, consult your hat” and “A papakha is worn not for warmth, but for honor” The specificity of these hats is that they don’t allow you to walk head bowed. You’ll always look proud, majestic and very stylish!
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