Main 4 characters are Stan, Cartman, Kyle and Kenny.
To purchase the set of 4 main characters, use this listing:
I hold no rights to anything South Park related. No trademark, simply a fellow fan.
-A round puffball and wide red brim for Stan’s hat
-Slimmer brim and flatter puff ball for your Cartman look.
~Wendy’s is an orchid beret with black center.
~Kyle’s is a bright green ear flap hat with attached darker green ‘brim’ at the front
~Craig’s is a blue ear flap hat with slim ear flaps and a bright yellow puff ball.
~Kenny’s hood can be found here:
~Butters’ beanie is a ‘flesh’ tone hat with yellow hair on top and a tiny brim of blue
~”Raven” Emo Stan hat in grey with black in the same wide brim and round puff ball
~Heidi’s funky striped hat with attached pansy flower
Individual character’s hats in this section:
Mittens can be purchased with this listing:
Recommended Size: Head Circumference Inches and Centimeters: American Sizes: Metric Sizes
Newborn: 11in – 13in : 28cm – 33cm
Infant: 13in – 15in : 33cm – 38cm – (Shown in photo #1)
Toddler: 15in – 17in, 38cm – 43cm
Youth: 17in – 19in, 43cm – 48cm
Teen: 19in- 21in, 48cm – 53cm: 6- 6 ¾: 49-54
Adult: 21in-23in, 53 cm – 58cm: 6 ¾ – 7 3/8: 54-58
Extra Large: 23in -25in, 58 cm – 64 cm: 7 ½ – 8: 59-64
#2-4 ©2014 dani photography:
©2018 Pace Images:
**Please be sure that the quantity selected in the first drop down menu matches the number of characters in the second menu, and/or please leave a note so that I understand which hats you would like.
Can’t get enough South Park? See all 16 seasons here:
One happy customer says: “Love them. I got Stan and Wendy’s for a Halloween costume. They are wonderfully made. Great job! And fast delivery! ”
I will have your selection made within 1 week. Most of the time, especially during the warmer seasons, I have a hat made within 1-3 days of ordering.
Check out my shop announcement for any delays, or expected changes to this time line.
First Class mail shipping included on every item shipped in the USA; no charges! Reduced rates for International shipping, as well. All domestic (USA) orders over $100 USD will automatically be upgraded to Priority Mail.
Some recent feedback: “Thank you so much again, your hats are always perfect for the characters I want to cosplay and this one is so nicely made and perfect for Wendy. I can’t wait to cosplay her!”
South Park Hat
Stan Marsh
Eric Cartman
Kyle Brovlofski
Heidi Turner
Kenny McCormick
Craig Tucker
Wendy Testaberger
Butters Stotch


1 Infant Hat, 1 Toddler Hat, 1 Youth Hat, 1 Teen Hat, 1 Adult Hat, 1 XL Hat, Pair of Youth, Pair of Teen, Pair of Adult, Pair of XL/Men's, 3 Youth Hats, 3 Teen Size Hats, 3 Adult Hats, 3 XL Hats, 1 Adult and 1 XL


Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Wendy Testaburger, Craig Tucker, Heidi Turner, Butters Stotch, Raven – Emo Stan, Tweek Tweak, Pair – Note to Sam, Stan and Wendy, Cartman & Heidi, Stan and Kyle, Stan and Cartman, Cartman and Kyle, Raven and Stan, Note to Sam


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