== About ==
Soft and comfortable meet modern and unique. This slouchy beanie is a trendy show stopper that will take you through fall and winter in style. The hat is a chunky, alternating texture knit does not leave room for any wind. Our years of expertise and superior knitting quality found at The Bird Tales makes this one a must have for a warm, but stylish head!
== Which bird will you choose? ==
We now have a wide range of colors for you to choose from!
The color choices can be viewed by scrolling through the pictures, and selected from the drop down menu before checkout. (The color in
the listing is called “Cardinal Red”)
== What size are your feathers? ==
Our beanies are made with a lot of stretch to accommodate most head sizes. To avoid any ill-fittings we have offered a choice of head measurements for you to pick from.
For best accuracy we recommend using a tape measure to get the size of your head in inches. However, we have added ‘easy fit’ guides ranging from XS to XXL if size is not a particular issue. For instructions, view the “How to Measure Your Headsize” in the image gallery. If you are in between sizes, feel free to round up, if you prefer a tighter fit, or round down, if you prefer a looser fit.
== Washing your knits ==
We use acrylic yarn to ensure the easiest washing experience for our customers. We recommend washing in cold or warm water, and laying flat to dry.
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Primary color

Model: Hawks Specks, Bald Eagle Brown, Beige Hen, Blue Jay, Blue Macaw, Blue Warbler, Cardinal Red, Falcon Specks, Flamingo Pink, Gull Grey, Mockingbird Brown, Oriole Yellow, Osprey Brown, Parrotlet Specks, Peacock Purple, Pewee Grey, Phoebe Grey, Pigeon Grey, Purple Martin, Purple Starling, Raven Black, Scarlet Ibis, Scrub Jay Blue, Sparrow Specks, Sunbird Red, Swallow Blue, Swan White, Warbler Olive, Woodpecker Specks, Zebra Finch Orange


21, 21 1/2, 21 5/8, 22 1/4, 22 1/2, 23, 23 1/4, 23 5/8, 24, 24 1/2, 24 5/8, 25


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