Russian/USSR Army Winter Gray Fur Ushanka Hat + Soviet Army Soldier’s Red Star
S (metric 56 cm, US 7)
M (metric 58 cm, US 7 1/4)
L (metric 60 cm, US 7 1/2)
XL (metric 62 cm, US 7 3/4)
XXL (metric 64 cm, US 8)
“Ushanka hat” is a traditional Russian/USSR fur cap with ear flaps that can be tied up to the crown of the cap, or tied at the chin to protect the ears, jaw and lower chin from the cold.
Ushanka hat is a part of winter uniform for military and police in Russia and many other countries (Eastern Europe, China, North Korea).
Ushanka became a symbol of Soviet Russia and a great souvenir from Russia for tourists.


S, M, L, XL, XXL


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