Have you ever dreamt of a warm and unique winter hat? Do you appreciate the traditions of the nations of Caucasus and their clothing style? This is an item for you.
We offer you a handmade Papakha fur hat from Dagestan, South Russia. It is a part of men’s traditional costume which is common all over Caucasus and Middle Asia. White Papakha is worn on special occasions. This hat looks very stylish and symbolizes the uniqueness, bravery, manliness and inner strength of its wearer. It is not just a clothing item but also a symbol of pride and honor.
Sheepskin hats are very warm and give your look a majestic touch. The fur is lightweight yet frost and rain proof due to a special manufacturing technology. This hat will last quite a long time. It is a wonderful gift option for your friends and family as well.
Sizes available: 54-56, 56-58, 58-60 (S-L). Please message for your preferred size.
Lining: quilted fabric
Weight: 250 g
Options: white with long hair, white with short hair, black. Due to the specifics of the material, color and fur length may vary insignificantly.
This is a must-have for any stylish man. Hurry up and buy this unique item now.


white/long hair, white/short hair, black


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